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We’re one of the largest distributors and importers of fresh produce in India, handling over 65,000 MT of fruits and vegetables every year and leading the Indian fresh produce sector through innovation, technology and sustainable growth.

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QA & Sustainability

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Steps of QC at Each Stage

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Step 1

QC from Suppliers & Dispatch

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Step 2

QC by SAF Team on Receiving

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Step 3

QC in Cold Chambers

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Step 4

QC at Dispatch

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Step 5

Assuring Quality by Delivering in Reefer Trucks

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Firmness Check

Fruit firmness check is used to test the maturity of fruits and is also one of the most important quality variables as an indirect measurement of ripeness.
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Brix Index Check

A scale of measurement for soluble solids in a liquid, Brix measurement approximates the sugar content of a sample & is a measure of fruit sweetness.
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Flesh Temperature Check

Checking Flesh Temperature helps is an integral part of creating optimum storage conditions for preserving quality of fruit.


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FSSAI Certification

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Use of Solar Panels to Power Distribution Centres

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Effluent Water Treatment Plants in Distribution Centres

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Using Renewable and Eco-friendly Packaging

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Providing Financial and Technical Support to the Farming Community

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Encouraging and Helping Farmers Grow New Varieties

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Providing Training for Small Businesses and Push Cart Vendors dealing with Fresh Produce