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About Us

We’re one of the largest distributors and importers of fresh produce in India, handling over 65,000 MT of fruits and vegetables every year and leading the Indian fresh produce sector through innovation, technology and sustainable growth.

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  • +91 9555720000
  • www.suriagrofresh.com

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Mr. Sudhir Suri
Mr. Sudhir Suri

Managing Director & Chairman

Mr. Hitin Suri
Mr. Hitin Suri

Managing Director

Mr. Eugene Caulfield
Mr. Eugene Caulfield


Mr. Mahtab Bashar
Mr. Mahtab Bashar

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Manav
Mr. Manav Suri

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sidhantt
Mr. Sidhantt Suri

Head-Sales & Distribution

Mr. Siddhaarth
Mr. Siddhaarth Suri

Head-Growth (Sourcing)

Rahul Dey
Mr. Rahul Dey

Head-Brand and Market Development, Category Performance and Innovation

Sunit Gupta
Mr. Sunit Gupta

Head-Group Operations, Partners