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The relationship with our growers is a key component at Suri Agro Fresh. With access to over 2,500 farmers across the India, we source our produce directly from the farm, and distribute to retailers, wholesalers and institutions in the country. Being a part of Total Produce Group that has global sourcing and distribution capabilities, we have also established successful and long term sourcing partnerships in China, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and other countries and are able to offer our customers a varied basket of produce throughout the year.


Suri Agro Fresh is one of India’s premier distributors of fresh produce.

We take pride in providing unparalleled quality and high quality produce to a wide range of customers from small wholesalers and retailers to large retail chains, food processors and institutions across the India.

Our unique position enables us to deliver personalized attention and care to our clients by leveraging the dependability of our trusted network.