Export Division

Table grapes typically require a hot, dry climate, deep well-drained soil and a large amount of irrigation water. The state of Maharashtra dominates the commercial grape production in India. Earlier Indian grape season falls between the Chilean and Mexican seasons, but now Grapes from India easily available same time of Chilean and till the Egyptian ends.

Suri Agro Fresh uses its state of the art technology to deliver the best quality grapes to the leading markets of Europe.

Imported Fruits

Suri Agro Fresh is one of India’s largest fresh produce company, based in Asia’s largest fruit market in Delhi. Suri Agro Fresh maintains strong relationships with the most prestigious suppliers from across the globe to serve the Indian fresh fruit market.

Currently Suri Agro Fresh is importing fresh produce from the various countries such as China, USA, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Thailand, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, etc.

The company is also the authorized distributor of Zespri (New Zealand), Nova Fruit (Italy), Fresh and Healthy Enterprise Limited (A government of India undertaking), and Adani Agrifresh Limited (India).

Suri Agro Fresh commands respect as a leading distributor and importer of fresh produce handling over 65,000 MT of produce every year.

Wholesale Cash and Carry

Wholesale Cash and Carry is primarily defined by its customer base and the unique business model. This means, all the range of customers visit our Cash and Carry outlet, select their own fruit and carry these back themselves instead of placing the orders with multiple vendors. Suri Agro Fresh supplies all varieties of imported and Indian fruits around the year. Every day our customers get the benefit of wide range of fruits assortment to suit their needs at competitive and transparent prices across various outlets in the country. We also have a well-equipped and trained sales team that provide the best services to our customer and enhance their overall experience at our Wholesale Cash and Carry outlets. The company has opened such outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmadabad in India. The company aims to expand its direct reach to southern India through its own outlets in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore and subsequently to the other cities in western and southern India.

Our Brands