RGA Fresh Fruits Private Limited

In 2010 Suri Agro Fresh formed a JV company with Mr. Rajesh Guramal by the name of RGA Fresh Fruits Private Limited, located at APMC Fruit Market in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. RGA is a wholesale Cash and Carry entity which has been formed to cater sales in Mumbai and other cities in Maharashtra. A wholesale Cash and Carry is primarily defined by its customer base and its unique business model. Here, all the range of customers whether big or small visit the Cash and Carry outlet, select their own fruit and carry them back themselves instead of placing orders with multiple vendors. RGA is supplying all the varieties of imported and Indian fresh fruits. The customers are in return benefited with wide range of fresh fruits at the competitive and transparent prices at RGA outlets. The company has also very well-equipped and trained sales team that provide the best services to their customers and enhance their overall experience at the outlets.